Mines of Dalarnia: How To Make Money In This Adventure Game?

After the announcement of the $80 million Metaverse Grant Program from Chromia, Mines of Dalarnia is expected to outbreak surprises for gamers. Mines of Dalarnia has been released in the alpha version, and players have already anticipated the game’s success.

As the game is based on play to earn model, players can leverage entertainment and income from the game at the same time. So Let’s know what more Mines of Dalarnia can give you in this review. 

What is Mines Of Dalarnia?

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

In short, Mines of Dalarnia is a 2D action-adventure game built in Chromium blockchain. Chromia Studios and Workinman Interactive have developed Mines of Dalarnia, including various regions for players to explore. The regions or worlds are categorized into four core types: Ice, Lava, Darkness, and Terra.

The play to earn Mines of Dalarnia game involves mining, combating, and collecting resources. Players can mint the in-game NFT items trade them in the marketplace for a profit.

The game takes a player character via various levels to gather rare relics and artefacts, which can help players upgrade their gears and unveil the Dalarnia universe. Thus, mining is a crucial activity in the game.

Players can mine resources in various terrains and collect materials to improve their mining experience and character attributes. Besides, combating monsters is also part of the game, which helps players to acquire rare items and valuables.

Players can go as solo or team up to kill monsters and explore the MoD (Mines of Dalarnia) universe. They can be grouped depending on their levels. The more advanced players are, the higher rewards are thrown for the competition. 

MoD assets are represented through NFTs, which can be traded on the open market. These nfts and rewards are exchanged through DAR, which acts as the governance token in Mines of Dalarnia. 

What is the Gameplay of Mines Of Dalarnia?

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

As the name suggests, MoD has main gameplay set around mining to store valuable resources and combat. In addition, the game has various regions or terrain which contain abundant resources of various minerals yet to mine. 

Different terrain contains different kinds of minable resources. As mining is based on miners’ ability level, players need to improve their mining equipment to make progress in the game. 

During the underground mining, players need to fight monsters, skip various traps and break blocks to find riches. Players can also enhance their scores after every successful action and earn rewards. 

However, players have limited time for mining resources. Therefore, the mining session ends when the time expires, or a player dies because of health points. This reduces the player’s score and the reward amount.

If you start mining, you will need to buy a Basic Starter Pack or Limited Edition Starter Pack. Besides, you can start with a Free-to-Play Pack that contains essential mining equipment. After that, you can go up to Depth 1 level for mining.

You can trade the mined assets on the marketplace. However, if you want to have gaming features that include crafting or mining at various levels, you need to purchase a Basic Starter Pack. 

What is the Token Economy of Mines Of Dalarnia?

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

The play to earn Mines of Dalarnia game has DAR as a native token that manages the in-game economy for sustainable growth. The players earn rewards in DAR tokens for playing games, completing various quests, and killing monsters. 

DAR acts as the transaction medium in MoD too. Its use can be the following.

In-Game Currency: Using the DAR token, players can buy and sell tools, cosmetics, and minerals on the MoD marketplace. This token also helps players manage property in bulk. For example, players can rent plots or mines to others for additional earnings.

Play-To-Earn Incentives: MoD players can earn DAR tokens by completing quests and winning battles. 

Staking Rewards: Staking DAR tokens can help users earn passive income and unlock additional features. 

Governance: DAR token also allows users to vote on future game projects.

How Does Mines Of Dalarnia Work?

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia nft game is accessed via Chrome and Safari, and each in-game asset is designed as NFT.

Mines and Lands

Entrepreneurs or investors purchase the Land and earn a profit. The game has four types of terrains sorted by various colors, including Purple Terrestrial, Red Lava, BlueIce, and Green Darkness. 

Each terrain contains different minerals and difficulties or monsters waiting for players to collect or conquer. 

Miners and landowners

In the course of mining resources, the miners need to battle against the monsters. The deeper the mining is, the more precious minerals and resources are rewarded. This helps players contribute to their scores to decide the prizes after mining.

Besides mining, players can also play the role of landowners and grab opportunities to make a profit. Players need to participate in land sales organized in batches and buy a piece of Land represented through nfts. 

There are various types of Land based on price and size. When a landowner rents the Land to other players to mine, they need to pay some taxes to the landowner. The rewards for landowners can come through in-game DAR tokens, tools, minerals airdrop, or other resources. 

Mining tools and weapons

To start mining, players will need to purchase a starter or basic pack that contains essential mining tools. In addition, they will need DAR tokens to upgrade their mining tools for various resources.

As there is a limited number of slots for mining tools, players need to either sell or drop them on the in-game marketplace. Players can also craft in-game items based on resources they have collected from mining. 

In-game minerals

Mines of Dalarnia offers primary minerals, including copper, iron ore, and scrap, for miners. These minerals help upgrade the essential equipment for players in the game. In addition, the players will need rarer minerals, including crystallized plasma and prisminium, to improve their equipment to an advanced level.

In-game marketplace

Players can trade mined minerals or resources and the crafted tools in the Mines of Dalarnia’sDalarnia’s marketplace. Each transaction from the players charges some DAR as a fee. 

How to Play Mines Of Dalarnia?

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

You need to purchase a starter pack that can feature a basic pickaxe and supplies for mining and combating the monsters. As you go deeper into the ground, you need advanced tools. Besides, you will also need to upgrade your mining equipment for different terrains. 

This play-to-earn Mines Of Dalarnia game is available in the alpha version. So, you can start playing the game through the following steps. 

  • Go to Mines Of Dalarnia’s official website and enter the PLAY NOW button.
  • Search for the Log In button and click on it. If you have an existing account, you can directly log in. But you need to create an account if you are on the platform for the first time, 
  • . Click on “Create New Account” on Chromia VAULT and Fill in the required details, including account name and password.
  • Once you finish the above process, you are ready to play the game. 

How to Earn Crypto in Mines Of Dalarnia? 

play to earn Mines of Dalarnia

Mines Of Dalarnia has a mining and combating gameplay that offers players multiple opportunities to earn money in the game. 

Complete Gaming Tasks

Mines of Dalarnia has several daily quests, tasks, and contests. Players can participate in these gaming tasks, complete or conquer contests and earn rewards. 

Trade NFTs

The relics, artifacts, or other items collected in the game, are represented in nft properties. 

Players can collect rare in-game items and sell them in the marketplace. This way, players can receive DAR tokens which they can spend on their mining tools or save to convert to real money. 


Like other platforms, Mines of Dalarnia allows players to own Land for various purposes. The landowners can rent their lands to other players or miners for some commission. 

Stake Token

Staking DAR also has some rewards. But, first, you need to hold the DAR in the game without spending. 


 Mines of Dalarnia is an exciting P2E game built-in Chromia. The game is yet to release in the final version, but you can play it in the alpha version. Some of the game’s highlights are the experience of various terrains, mining valuable resources, battle with monsters, and in-game trading nfts for real money. Have you ever played this game? If you have played this game, let us know your experience in the comment box. 

Mines of Dalarnia FAQs

Is Mines of Dalarnia free to play?

You can play Mines of Dalarnia for free but at a basic level. If you want to go upper level, you need to invest. 

Does Mines of Dalarnia support a PC with a controller? 

You can not play Mines of Dalarnia on PC. 

Is Land available for sale now?

Yes. You can connect a crypto wallet and purchase the Land.

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