10 Smart Ways to Earn Crypto Passive Income on Binance

At Binance, there are several ways to increase your asset portfolio even when you are not trading regularly. You’ll find out how to accomplish it in this blog.

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You can purchase cryptocurrency on Binance in a variety of methods right now. While many people are focused on learning how to trade on Binance and make a profit, either through their trading platforms or the Buy Crypto page, there are various options available to you for pursuing a great deal for your cryptocurrency.

However, the deals will not end with the purchase of a product. They provide you with various options for growing your cryptocurrency holdings even when you are not actively trading. The ability to allocate your tokens to multiple activities and services that they regularly launch on the Binance platform is provided to you.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best ways to earn crypto and earn passive income on Binance.

So, let’s get started:

What is Binance?

Binance is a crypto exchange that is the biggest globally in daily cryptocurrency trading volume. It was developed in 2017 and is based in the Cayman Islands.

Changpeng Zhao, a developer who previously designed high-frequency trading software, launched Binance. Binance was founded in China but eventually relocated its headquarters due to its increased control of cryptocurrencies.

Binance has legal issues with the US Department of Justice in 2023 on money laundering and tax evasion charges. Binance was ordered by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to cease all regulated business in the UK by June 2021.

How to earn Crypto on Binance?

The crypto market is rapidly growing, and investing in cryptocurrencies requires more than simply purchasing and holding.

Although holding has shown to be one of the greatest and safest investing methods throughout the previous 10+ years of Bitcoin’s existence, there is much more to do with your holdings than just hodl.

Binance Earn is a cryptocurrency product portfolio intended to generate passive revenue from your idle assets. You may start saving, staking, or even becoming a liquidity provider in DeFi markets using Binance Make to earn passive income on the best Bnb bitcoin, Stablecoins, altcoins, and more.

Only on Binance do they provide earning possibilities for fiat money. Binance Earn has $4.2 billion in crypto assets, with $70 million in total incentives awarded in 2023.

Binance Earn has over 270,000 daily active users and investors, growing. The amount of active Stablecoins on Liquid Swap has reached $128 million, and as of late 2020, approximately $22 billion in money is locked in DeFi on Binance.

#1 Flexible savings

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - flexible savings

Flexible Savings serves as your Crypto savings account, enabling you to earn interest on the crypto you deposit. The strategy is adaptable, allowing you to withdraw your cash at any moment.

Earn interest and rewards by staking 24 popular tokens like ETH, USDT, BTC, or BNB. Anyone can subscribe to this product or use your tips whenever they want. Flexible Savings is a go-to solution for everyone, with a total amount locked of more than $3 billion.

The Dynamic APY is located between (0.5 percent – 15 percent ). There is no danger of capital gaining since daily rewards are distributed.

#2 BNB Vault

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - BNB Vault

BNB Vault is a yield generator for BNBs. Depositing BNB includes participating in Launchpool, Savings, Defi staking, and other initiatives while earning incentives.

Earn incentives on unused BNB with the BNB Vault aggregator, which combines the best of Launchpool, Savings, and DeFi Staking. Do it quickly and easily with a single click. The Dynamic APY is located between (0.5 percent – 15 percent ).

There is no danger of capital gaining since daily incentives are distributed.

#3 Launchpool

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Launchpool

Binance Launchpool enables users to earn additional token incentives by staking BNB, BUSD, and other tokens on the platform. Stake BUSD, BTC, BNB,  and other assets to obtain the latest tokens as they become available on Binance.

Stay ahead of the curve by acquiring some of the top-term future IEO and DeFi tokens. Individual Launchpool offerings determine the minimum investment. There will be no costs. The APY is Dynamic APY. With BEL & WING tokens, historical performance may reach 110 percent. There will be manual redemption.

#4 Locked Saving

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Locked Saving

Binance Locked Savings is the financial solution to help you grow your cryptocurrency holdings. You may join at any moment and generate passive income from your investments.

Save 24 major cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB, for 7-90 day lock-up periods and receive higher rates on your stakes.

You may subscribe at any moment, but you won’t be able to claim your benefits until the lock-up period is up. The minimum investment is $100, there are no fees, and the Dynamic APY ranges from 5 to 15%.

#5 Locked Staking

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Locked Staking

The process of putting personal digital assets on a Proof – Of – stake blockchain for a defined amount of time is referred to as “locked staking.”

This not only helps the network but also gives you staking benefits. Proof-of-Stake is a consensus process that chooses block validators based on the number of coins staked. The bigger the payouts, the more coins you bet.

Binance Locked Staking makes it simple for HODLers to stake and get incentives. Begin staking with as little as 10 USDT in tokens and earn more significant returns and other perks.

Redeem in advance without losing your initial stake (or forfeiting your prior staking incentives) or incurring early-redemption costs. Choose from 30 different Proof-of-Stake (POS) tokens like EOS, DOT, or ADA to receive rewards with little risk.

The minimum investment is 10 USDT worth of tokens with no costs. The Dynamic APY is determined by the entire staked pool volume, ranging from 0% to 102%.

#6 Savings Activities

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Savings Activities

Binance Savings Activities are one-time events that appear on the Activities page from time to time. These often have a limited quantity, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to enroll.

They can provide even better yields than Locked Savings. Please keep in mind that there will be a preparation period when Binance Savings Activities is announced. When the transaction process starts, you can select an accessible item to purchase.

Earn rewards for activities you already do, like staking and saving cryptocurrency. Binance Earn sometimes provides unique savings items for specific cryptocurrencies.

Complete the activity before it is completely subscribed, and your yield will be instantly deposited into your spot wallet after the action is finished.

The minimum investment is determined by the lot size of each commodity, with no fees. Depending on the activity, the APY is fixed. Depending on the activity, the distribution will be periodic.

#7 Staking ETH 2.0

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Staking ETH 2.0

ETH 2.0 is a long-awaited update to the Ethereum network that aims to increase scalability, speed, efficiency, and sustainability without losing security and decentralization.

The ETH community intends to release multiple upgrades in three stages. Stake Ethereum (ETH) to earn incentives for assisting with the ETH 2.0 network upgrade. Profit from ETH blockchain staking payouts by earning interest.

Redeem BETH tied at a 1:1 ratio to your ETH holding to optimize your returns. Staking requires a minimum investment of 0.0001 ETH with no fees. The Ethereum network determines the APY, which is Dynamic APY.

#8 DeFi Staking

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - DeFi Staking

DeFi means “Decentralized Finance.” Unlike CeFi (Centralized Finance), DeFi offers customers decentralized financial services using smart contracts on a blockchain, unlike our current financial system.

Earn passive income without the need for technical expertise, hardware, or the management of private keys and wallets. Start yield farming using BTC, BUSD, DAI, USDT, or BNB stakes. Binance’s real-time systems monitor all money.

You may choose between fixed and flexible terms. The minimum investment varies depending on the staked token (as low as 100 USD), and there are no fees. The Dynamic APY may go up to 60%.

#9 Dual Investment

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Dual Investment

Binance Dual Investment allows you to deposit a coin and get a higher income depending on the combination of two assets. You place a wager on the market’s direction, commit your crypto holdings, and lock in a dividend.

You will get a higher yield regardless of your position. Lock BTC, USDT, or BUSD in a savings yield product to raise your gains even more due to market volatility on your crypto assets. If the volatility of your crypto assets falls within a particular range, your profits will surpass your savings rate, and you will get a more significant amount.

If the market price of your crypto assets falls or your earnings do not reach your savings rate, you may decide to switch to another asset. There is no minimum threshold, the highest limit varies based on the deal, and there are no costs.

The APY is a Fixed RoR with fluctuating returns dependent on the price of the individual asset. There is no assurance of capital earnings. Volatility in asset prices poses a risk.

#10 Liquid Swap

How to Earn Crypto on Binance - Liquid Swap

Binance Liquid Swap is established on a liquidity pool. Each pool has two tokens, and the relative number of tokens sets the price between them.

Tokens can always be exchanged as long as comparable tokens are in the pool. Binance Liquid Swap provides more stable pricing and cheaper transaction costs for significant transactions.

If you want asset management services, you may add assets and receive awards at any time. Choose from reliable and inventive pools with varying risk and return levels, and become a liquidity provider by adding new coins and fiat currencies to the liquidity pools.

The minimum investment necessary for USDT/BUSD is $10, and the fees are 0.04 percent. The APY on the USDT/DAI pool is stable up to 12.8 percent and innovative up to 24 percent on the ETH/BUSD pool.

The distribution will be done in real-time. The danger level is high.


You can earn more assets on Binance regardless of whether or not you are trading. All you have to do is purchase cryptocurrency and register for one of the various options they provide.

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