Champions Ascension: An Exciting NFT Game to Earn Money?

Gladiator battle, one of the lethal entertainment, was famous in Ancient Rome. Now, this has come in a blockchain game with more breath-taking gameplay.

The game Champions Ascension has not been released now, but there is massive hype for the game among NFT gamers. So does this play-to-earn champions ascension deserve some attention, or is it worth playing? Let’s understand it through this post.

What is Champions Ascension? 


Champions Ascension is an upcoming AAA blockchain game created by Jam City, a reputed game building company. After the success of games including Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Cookie Jam, etc., Jam City has entered the NFT gaming world with a Web3 amenity. 

The players in Champions Ascension encounter a fantasy world, Messina, where they explore the adventures. There are multiple locations such as arena, bank, tavern, garden, market, and more in the fictional empire. 

Players in unusual characters battle with opponents and earn prizes with unique NFT properties or champions, known as Prime Eternals. The rewards or Prime Eternals help players buy anything in exchange and provide many perks. 

Champions Ascension is a P2E Ethereum game that offers a player-driven fantasy world. Players collect and craft unique NFT Champions and fight for vast riches and rewards with other players. The more risks are involved, the more riches will be there. 

Champions Ascension has reached the MVP gameplay release stage. However, it needs three more stages to pass, which is expected to complete mid to late 2022.

What is Unique in Champions Ascension?


Champions Ascension is an RPG battle game with a unique fantasy world and NFT elements. Based on a player-driven model, the game offers players to grow a token economy. 

The following highlights will differentiate Champions Ascension from other games.

Prime Eternal ownership perks

The Prime Eternal owners of the first drop can leverage a list of perks through the NFT properties sold on Champions Ascension. Following will be exciting perks for these owners:

Enchantment: this includes special in-game items, emotes, and unique components.

Special Access: It allows players to access features and community benefits.

Token drops: Staking earns players land tokens and other tokens every day.

Pet NFTs: It is an upcoming perk that allows owners to claim pets for free.

Staking Gameplay

In this perk, you can stake your Prime Eternal NFTs and get rewards through Diamond Hand tokens and land tokens (MESSINA). Besides, Diamond Hand tokens can help players buy particular game items inside the platform.

MVP gameplay

This MVP gameplay will contain:

  • Various battlefields.
  • The arrival of tiers of champions.
  • The creation of new champions 

Battle modes

Champions Ascension will release new battle modes along with staking rewards, and opportunities to buy lands in the empire of Messina.

Gear forging

Players can use the remainings or bones of other players who lose the battle to craft in-game gears. These gears help upgrade players’ abilities. Besides, players can also sell these gears to fellow players in the supported marketplace. 

Gear forging is planned to introduce mid to late 2022.

How does Champions Ascension Work?


Champion Ascension NFTs from the first drop, are called Prime Eternals, which act as the main character of the player in the game. These Prime Eternals are filled with hundreds of features, containing body types, piercings, hairstyles, and functional elements.

Champion Ascension has confirmed that there will be 10,000 Prime Eternals. The members who buy Prime Eternal from the first drop can vote to decide the game’s future.

Champion Ascension has the following gameplay.

Tiered Champions

Playable characters in the Champion Ascension are called Champions. They are recognized into four parts: Challengers, Grunts, Gladiators, Eternals, and Divine Eternals. These champions who have duty potential are tired. There is a total of 7622 champions. 

Collect and Craft

Players in the game collect NFTs champions from the in-game marketplace or other incorporated platforms. Besides, players can craft their champion from different body parts and equipment. 


Players fight for rewards and riches. The game is set in the Messina, where players as gladiators struggle in the arena. 


Players can stake Prime Eternals in exchange for land tokens called MESSINA. This helps open earning potential access for players.

Land Purchases

Like other metaverse, players can also buy virtual lands in the world of Messina for shelter and other purposes. 


You can also create new champions through bioengineering from the genes of existing champions. This way, you can upgrade your champions for the tough war and earn NFT rewards.

How to Play and Earn From Champions Ascension?


You can earn NFT rewards by winning the battle via champions, Staking Prime Eternals, and trading virtual lands. Though this play-to-earn Champions Ascension has not been released yet, you can still shop for game essentials. So, you can start the following things right now. 

Connect a wallet

Champions Ascension is an Ethereum blockchain-based game that requires an Ethereum-compatible wallet to shop for in-game items. You can sign up on the official website of Champions Ascension and connect the wallet to your account.  

For this, you will have two options: MetaMask and WalletConnect. You can buy, sell, and transact NFTs available on the platform through this. 

Purchase Champions. 

Players can purchase their favorite champion characters on Opensea. The advanced purchase will help you save some fantastic characters for yourself before the game goes live. 

Explore Messina

This will be after the game is released fully. Then, when the world of Messina is ready to explore, players can battle, trade forged weapons, and stake NFT tokens.


Champions Ascension is a yet-to-release P2E NFT based game developed by Jam City. Set in the fictional world of Messina, the game offers players multiple gaming experiences, including a battleground-like arena, Staking rewards, tired champions, and many more. 

There are many other spaces to explore in the mysterious empires for more adventure. So, how much are you excited about Play-to-Earn Champions Ascension? Let us know in the comment box.

Champions Ascension

Will Champions Ascension be free to play?

Yes. It will be absolutely free to play the NFT game so you need not invest.

What will be the in-game tokens in Champions Ascension?

You can expect the Diamond Hand token and Messina token as the in-game token.

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