Big Time Review: How To Make Money From This Metaverse?

Axie Infinity became one of the biggest play-to-earn games in 2023, but players felt their earnings dropping significantly. So to fill this void, Big Time was initiated.

Big Time is under development by a team of developers who created star games such as Decentraland, Fortnite, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and God of War. As a result, the game has already received hype among gamers. 

Let’s know about Big Time and how it works in this review.

What is Big Time?

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Big Time is an upcoming multiplayer action role play game (RPG) developed by Big Time Studios. It is a free-to-play game that packs fast-action battles, history-spanning ventures, and NFT items and rewards.

Players in the game team up with allies of up to six members and explore time and space. With the access of a time machine, the players can visit the endless world where various explorable places with rewards and challenges come before players. 

The team will battle against the enemies from different places and times and loot their resources. These in-game resources or supplies are represented in the form of nfts which players can sell for money in the marketplace.

Big Time Studios have made it easier for players who lack prior knowledge of blockchain technology to play the game. Big Time is easy to play and collect nft benefits for all levels of players. 

According to officials, Big Time already has $21 million in funds. Further, it aims to make this game and its nft rewards beneficial for all professionals. Big Time’s pre-alpha version is already in the development phase and is scheduled to release within 2023. 

What are the NFT Features of Big Time?

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Big Time is a play to earn nft game under development phase, so many things are undisclosed yet. But the following nft features are available now. 


Players can adopt playable characters through which they can team up, conduct time travel, battle against the enemies, and collect nft rewards. In addition, big Time has a Timelines system that allows players to level up their character in multiple categories.

Each character possesses individual skills and abilities. Big Time’s characters are categorized in the following way.

Time Warrior

A time warrior is a character that maintains battle abilities to win over the enemies. It possesses aggression, brute force, and close-up carnage.


This character performs the strategies to explore the world, avoid harm and trap the enemies. It contains magic, precision, and ranged destruction abilities to defeat the enemies.


Shadowblade can outsmart the opponents with its cunningness and avoid death. It is a death dealer and has stealth and speed abilities. 

Quantum Fixer

This character can heal the injured allies and bring miseries to enemies. Additionally, it has healing and destruction power. 


Characters need to be equipped with powerful weapons to battle against enemies. The players can also trade these weapons that come in nft assets on the marketplace. These weapons come in various sizes and abilities, including speed, damage, combo, range, and blocking.

Battle Axe

It is not used to chop firewoods. Instead, it is a mighty ax as sharp as a razor that can split enemies into two pieces. 

Dual Blades

It is a perfectly balanced set of blades that features good speed and destruction. As a result, it will be ideal for characters who focus on mobility.

Two-Handed Greatsword

It is an ancient alien blade that offers speed for power. Players can throw a powerful hit and lay waste to their enemies.

Sword and Shield

It is a well-balanced combo of sword and shield for defense and damage.

Quantum Staff

It is more than a walking stick that keeps the enemies far from players. It comes with range power. 


It is a mighty hammer that can harm the target deeply. Players can hit their enemies to injury with this epic hammer. 

Time Machine

Time machine is a medium through which players can travel anywhere in the endless universe. It represents a portal that allows players to possess their own universe.

Players will explore the new universe, fight against the enemies from other dimensions and collect valuable nfts in this play to earn Big Time. Then, they can team up and head out on a new adventure through a time machine.

Players can also upgrade their time machines with legendary artifacts collected from all of space and Time. In addition, SPACEs can help modify the time machine to the ideal universe of the players.


SPACEs are unique and limited edition nfts that can unlock the new possibilities in the Big Time’s Metaverse. These nft assets help customize and personalize the players’ universe.

SPACEs range from small to large with different prices at an in-game marketplace in Big Time.

What is the Token Economy of Big Time?

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The Big Time Studios has not announced the name of the native token for the game. They have only explained how it will work.

Players can earn the Big Time’s tokens after participating in the battle across history, winning over enemies, and completing the risk-taking quests. Additionally, these tokens can be a transaction medium through which players can sell their nfts in the marketplace.

Players can use the native token to buy SPACEs, equipment, and cosmetic nfts. Besides, the tokens also help speed up the crafting times and repair the destroyed or depleted possessions.

What is the Gameplay of Big Time?

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This play-to-earn Big Time game has exciting gameplay. First, you need to select the character that leads you in the game. Then, you need to earn a time machine that allows you to possess your universe. Once you own a time machine, you can purchase SPACE to personalize your universe. The SPACE can also bring many capabilities for the character and interact in the game.

How to Earn Money in BigTime?

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As Big Time with Beta version is under development phase, many things are yet to come. However, the play-to-earn Big Time game will have multiple sources for players to earn money.

  • Players can get a chance to earn tokens or win real money by defeating enemies and completing quests.
  • Players can trade looted nft assets from enemies for money in the marketplace.
  • Trading SPACEs can also bring some money.
  • Staking the future token can be another option for earning.


Big Time is an upcoming RPG featuring the unique concept of a time machine and battle against enemies from other dimensions. Though the game is yet to release in the beta version, it promises players to offer play-to-earn ways. This post is short as there is limited information about Big Time. If you know more about Big Time, let us know in the comment box.         

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