Axie Infinity Review: The Best NFT Game To Earn Money?

Today, the play-to-Earn game is no surprise, as a couple of new NFT games are released each week. But unfortunately, all P2E or crypto games can not stand as expected.

If you are a crypto game enthusiast, you must have heard about Axie Infinity. The unique landscape, team combat, P2E model are are the highlights of this game. Full-time players claim to earn $700-$1000 per month.

If you want to make money, Axie Infinity offers, this post will help you.

What is Axie Infinity?


Axie Infinity is a crypto strategic battle game based on Ethereum and Ronin blockchains. Vietnamese game company known as Sky Mavis developed and launched Axie Infinity in 2018. 

Axie Infinity, a turned-based NFT game, includes a wild atmosphere where players battle against other players through multiple unusual creatures known as Axies. Axies represent Axolotls that are the prototypes, resembling the strange creatures on the planet.

The game is in a PVP and P2E model where you need to team up, but it is not free to play a game. However, players can play Axie Infinity via scholarship if someone purchases the game and rents it out for free.

The players in the battle earn in-game cryptocurrencies or tokens called SLP and AXS, which they can convert to real money or breed new Axies. Axies as NFTs possess lots of potential during battle and trade in the game, comparable to CryptoKitties.

Axie Infinity has been one of the most popular and leading NFT games. From its ICO launch in October 2020 to late 2021, the AXS token has risen from £0.1 to £105.51.

What is the Gameplay of Axie Infinity?


The basic gameplay or game mechanism of Axie Infinity is inspired by Pokémon. It resembles a card game such as Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. In the game, players grow, collect, train, use Axies to fight opponents. Besides, they can also buy and sell Axies. 


Axies are strange creatures called axolotls that live in a world known as Lunacia. They have unique characteristics individually, which differentiate them from their counterparts. 

For example, Axies can differ in the number of body parts and color. You can check the characteristics of your Axies in the Axie cards on the in-game marketplace or in your personal cabinet.

Axies have multiple classes, and each has both advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Plant: Plants contain high health and can heal. Their main drawback is that they move slowly.
  • Bug: Bugs can have high life and hit accuracy. However, they remain insufficient to overpower other Axie species.
  • Bird: Birds are the fastest Axies. However, they are inferior to other Axie species in health and combat power.
  • Beast: Beasts are warriors who can significantly damage opponents, but they suffer poor health.
  • Reptile: Reptiles are also fast as well as hardy. But their low impact strengths make reptiles subordinate to other Axie species.
  • Aquatic: Aquatic creatures have two significant advantages: good health and speed. What lacks them is the lower hit accuracy. 

Players can upgrade their Axies by replacing the parts of the Axolotl’s torso, making them stronger. In addition, you can check the power level of your Axies through the following categories. 

  • Mystical
  • Legendary
  • Ultra-rare
  • Rare
  • Normal

Gaming modes

Axie Infinity contains two gaming modes: PVP Battles and PVE Adventure. In addition, the game provides each player with 20 units of energy per day. This energy unit is an in-game currency each player needs to spend to play in one game mode. 

PVP Battles

Live players come to battle in the particular arena in this mode. Each side has three pets or Axies allocated to destroy the enemy fighters. So, players need to deploy their combat pets correctly, deciding the performance level.

Players can have PVP battles once in four hours, with six battles available daily. The team which can defeat all three opponent pets becomes a winner and receives valuable resources, including power-ups and potions. 

PVE Adventure

The users with their pet Axies explore the surface of Lunacia, where they can encounter other hostile Axies which can attack. Whenever players win the battle, they get receive points which helps the players’ pet upgrade. The players need to begin with the average pet and level up over the battles. 

Role of Axies During the Battle

Axies’ position and the choice of target they make during the battle are essential. The pets target their closest enemies and attack them. If two targets are deployed at the same distance, native pets can choose randomly. So, fighter Axies have three roles:


Tank is an endurance fighter that can absorb enemies’ damage on the front line. Tanks can help players protect their backlines during the moment when players seek energy and cards to play combos. 

For this role, Axie Plants are the best fit. Plants have high health, and the card they contain helps boost survivability. 

Damage Dealer

Damage dealers’ role is to shield as much harm as possible or perform a 3 or 4 card combo before they get killed. This helps destroy one of the opponents, at least. Beasts and Birds have high speed but low health, so they are deployed on the mid or far line.


Support players can debuff their enemies. These players include high health and beneficial effects, including fear imposition, speed reduction, and attack.

What is the Ecosystem of Axie Infinity?


Axie Infinity currently has three types of NFTin-game assets that build the backbone of the ecosystem. 


Apart from being the playable characters, Axies also represent the NFT assets. Therefore, players can use Ethereum to trade Axies at the Axie marketplace and make money Axie Infinity provides. 

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

The AXS represents a governance token used in Axie Infinity. It acts as an in-game currency accepted for trading NFTs at the marketplace. AXS is available on Binance and Uniswap for exchange.

AXS holders are able to stake their tokens and claim NFT rewards. Besides, they also can decide the future of Axie Infinity as they hold the right to vote in upgrading the ecosystem and executing the use of Community Treasury. 

Small Love Potion (SLP) 

SLP is an ERC 20 token available in Arena and Adventure mode. SLP is given to players when they breed new Axies. Its usage will increase when the Land, an upcoming game mode, becomes part of the Lunacia world.

How to Start Playing Axie Infinity?


If you are ready to play Axie Infinity, follow the steps below.

Step Ⅰ: Download the Game Client

Visit the official website of Axie Infinity and hit PLAY NOW. When you do this, you are taken to download a game file. Next, you need to download the file that supports your device, whether Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. When the download finishes, install the software. 

Step Ⅱ: Create an Account

It is a customizable NFT game, so you need to create an account to manage your dashboard. In addition, you will require the Ronin cryptocurrency wallet that can be installed as a browser extension. 

When you finish creating the wallet account through this browser extension, you need to create a password and Recovery Phrase. 

When you are done creating a cryptocurrency wallet account, it is needed to log to the Axie Infinity Marketplace. After logging in via a Ronin account, a username is required. To verify your game account, you need to provide your email address and password.

Step Ⅲ: Purchase Characters

When you enter the Axie Infinity marketplace, you can find multiple Axies to buy. The pets are available in eggs (ready to hatch) and as adults. If you buy an egg, it will take 5 days to hatch and develop into full-grown Axies.

You can select your preferable characters based on Axie’s class or age. The homepage also allows you to sort offers by price. 

Step Ⅳ: Start Playing

After buying a team of three Axies, you can start the game. For this, you need to log in to the downloaded game client and the Axie Infinity account. Once you learn the battle skill, you can make money Axie Infinity offers.

How to Earn Money From Axie Infinity?


When you play and win at Axie Infinity, you receive SLP tokens. You can trade these SLP tokens Binance, KuCoin, FTX, and and can convert them into real money. 

You can withdraw the SLP crypto asset from the game after 14 days of the first game. Below are some ways to earn SLP at Axie Infinity.

Daily Quest

Players can perform Daily Quest once a day, including three items: Daily check-in, Completing 10 Adventure Mode Levels, and Winning 5 Arena Matches

When you complete the quests and press the Claim button, you can earn 25 SLP.


Axie Infinity allows players to breed new Axies. Every Axie can breed seven times in whole life. Thus, the breeding commission is worth 4 AXS tokens transferrable to Community Treasury. In addition, the offspring from the crossbreed can be traded on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

PVP Arena

During the PVP arena, players in a team of three pets combat another team of equal members. After the battle, the winning team earns a bounty in SLP and increases their rank. If you have a higher rank, you will get a higher bounty but have to face challenging enemies. 

PVE Adventures

Those who are beginners can travel through the Axie world and combat against the enemies operated by the system. One level stronger enemy will come to face you whenever you defeat an opponent. You can earn or receive up to 100 SLP in this game mode in 24 hours. 


Axie Infinity is a P2E game based on Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, where players can battle, build a team, and hunt for treasure. The game has a Lunacia universe filled with multiple Axies for combat. In addition, it offers multiple ways to spin money, including quest, combat, and breeding. 

If you have already played Axie Infinity, let us know how much money you have earned in the comment box.

Axie Infinity FAQs 

Is Axie Infinity free to play?

No. Basically, you need to spend some money to start earning in Axie Infinity. However, if you have a scholarship from someone, you can free to play Axie Infinity. 

Is Axie Infinity any kind of scam?

No. It is a purely genuine game, and players have been making money now.

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