Play And Earn Crypto On Illuvium: A Brand New RPG On The Blockchain

Since Illuvium delayed in releasing 2021, it was scheduled to announce the game in beta version in the first quarter of 2022. However, Illuvium has received big hype for its gameplay and play-to-earn concept. 

In the first six months of introduction, Illuvium had completed acquiring 100000 Discord subscribers. As a result, ILV tokens rose from US $30 to US $700 in value between July and October 2021.

Let’s know how surprising Illuvium is in this review. 

What is Illuvium?

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Illuvium is an upcoming role-playing game (RPG) based on Ethereum, associated with Immutable X blockchain and Layer-2 scaling technology. It is the pioneer of the latest blockchain gaming industry and reputed projects like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

The players in the game can mine, harvest, capture and fight Illuvials in the alien world. In addition, they can create a team and strategically explore the Illuvial world with auto battler mode and defeat the Illuvials that contain individual states, affinities, and classes. 

The Illuvial nfts include battle supplies, skins, emotes, collectibles, etc. Additionally, players can acquire from others and trade them on the marketplaces such as a native store, OpenSea, and the IlluvDEX. 

llluvium has 3D real-looking characters and provides players with an opportunity to earn nft rewards. In addition, this RPG ensures complete privacy preservation and highly scalable infrastructure, which includes Zero-Knowledge Rollups. 

The nft game also features a decentralized governance structure to leverage the ILV token and Illuvium decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in an ecosystem. It’s open virtual world also facilitates players to hunt in-game items and trade for a profit. 

According to officials, the play to earn Illuvium game will be released in 2023.

What is Unique in Illuvium?

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The Illuvium players can expect the following.

Non-Fungible Token (NFTs)

Players can browse nft tokens on the Illuvium office website and trade these in-game items on the native marketplace, OpenSea, and the IlluvDEX. These in-game assets are received in many forms, such as Genesis Promo and Cosplay, minted via Illuvium DAO.

Besides traditional nfts, the game also has other virtual assets such as Land and IlluviDex, which will be soon introduced. 

Decentralized Exchange Integration 

The play-to-earn Illuvium game has partnered with many DEXs (decentralized exchanges) such as SushiSwap, 1Inch, and more. Once the IlluviDEX is fully completed, users will be able to buy and sell in-game nfts and get additional functionality.

Incentivized Staking

The smart contracts allow players to stake in Illuvium and earn rewards. This staking mechanism works on flash pools and core pools along with a regular ILV as well as sILV, a synthetic version of the ILV.

The two core pool sorts including the ILV pool as well as the ILV/ETH token pool, allow players to stake the ILV. Those who use the ILV pool can stake ILV. However, players can liquidize the ILV/ETH token pool to exchange Sushi Liquidity Provider (SLP) tokens that are finally operated in staking.

In contrast, Flash pools possess tokens from associated projects. An example of this is the AXS token (Axie Infinity Shards). When the users stake the tokens, they can get their held tokens in ILV and sILV. 

If the users select to get the rewards via ILV, they need to abide by that token for 12 months without spending. But, those who opt for sILV can spend their token to purchase in-game items instantly.

Fast Transactions and Zero Gas Fees 

The game features Layer-2 scaling faculty powered by the Immutable X to facilitate free gas fees and fast transactions. In addition, immutable X has been designed to boost transactions in the game based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Besides, the system ensures robust security and tight privacy for gamers. 

How Does Illuvium Token System Works?

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The play to earn Illuvium has an ILV token representing an ERC-20 governance token and operates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The game use ILV token as rewards. For example, it incentivizes token liquidity for keeping liquidity in the partnered decentralized finance (Defi) platforms.

ILV token has three main functions:

Governance: Those who stake ILV tokens can participate in discussing the future project of Illuvium. ILV staking allows users to vote in the protocol of the game.

Liquidity Mining: You can receive more ILV or sILV2 tokens through this. While staking ILV, you can yield returns and a share of vault distributions.

Vault Distributions: Staking ILV leverages Illuvium’s success and passive income share. It will be available only from the sales or when the game and its IlluviDex are introduced.

Where to buy ILV

You can purchase ILV on SushiSwap as the official liquidity pool is planted on Sushiswap. Although you can also find other platforms to exchange ILV, they are not supported officially.

What is the Gaming Ecosystem of Illuvium?

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Players in the traditional RPGs are expected to control many characters and be responsible for preferences in the gameplay, which can shape future events. The more players control the characters, the more advanced they can be and the greater skills they acquire.

Players in Illuvium opt for the in-game characters known as Hunter, who cage deity-like creatures known as Illuvials. Illuvials are stored like nfts in the platers’ virtual wallet.  

If the players have several Illuvials which are similar in type, they can fuse them to greater and more powerful Illuvials. This is possible through the burning mechanism, and the new version of Illuvials will be more advanced than the previous. 

This blockchain game also has a P2E model that offers nft rewards in ILV tokens while participating in competition or battle. Players can seize the Illuvials, gather in-game resources, and trade them at the native market called Illuvidex.

The game also has a multiplayer battle arena mode through which players can earn ILV rewards and get a higher rank.

What are the Core Components in Illuvium?


Before you want to begin the play to earn the Illuvium game, you must understand the following in-game elements. 


In Illuvium, Illuvials are legendary creatures or beasts with individual affinities and classes. Based on affinity and class, Illuvials can exercise strengths and resources. You can find following the affinities of Illuvials.

  • Fighter
  • Guardian
  • Rogue
  • Empath
  • Psion

 Illuvials’ class will be as follows:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Nature

Fusion of Illuvials

Illuvium players leverage a unique feature, a fusion of Illuvials, to get a better or more potent version of Illuvials. They can couple two Illuvials of different affinity and classes. For example, if you capture Air Illuvial and a Fire Illuvial and mix them, the result will be a Frost Illuvial with boosted power.

So, the fusion of Illuvials essentially helps players end the battle against the opposite team with a victory. With this, you have a higher chance to get bonus ILV tokens as prizes. 


Shards are designed to seize Illuvials, just like Pokéball is used to catch Pokémon in Pokémon game. Shards have several levels to grab Illuvials with different levels. So, weaker shards are a waste of resources to catch stronger Illuvials.


Players can use their drones to spot the mine on the planet’s surface. The minable resources are Ore, gemstones, and uncured Shards, with varying rarities. 

You can use these resources to create new weapons and armors and enhance the supplies that you already have. This helps your avatar improve in resources, and your character can perform well in the battle. 

Besides, you can also reap the organics which can help players enhance Illuvials in a short period during the battle. For example, you can harvest a poison goo that can amplify the attack status of your Illuvial. 

Also, you need to be clear that different landscapes or planets contain different treasures, among which gemstones are precious. In addition, each planet owns various minerals which can help players during combat.

What is the Gameplay of Illuvium?

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Illuvium features a role-playing concept that allows players to perform as survivors and explore unknown territory. So, you need to understand the geography and game plot if you want to play Illuvium. 

Illuvium’s Core Settings

The game starts when your spaceship crashes on an extraterrestrial planet, the native land of Illuvials. The land will be home to alien creatures, and players will need to survive in harsh conditions to continue the game.

Players will have the role of hunters with a task to explore the planet, search for monsters and discover the realm of the “Obelisks.”

Illuvium’s Core Gameplay

Players need to create a new avatar and customize it with additional requirements before entering the Illuvium world. In addition, they need to quest to gather in-game items and capture Illuvials as a part of daily challenges. 

There can be over 100 undiscovered Illuvials which can be both weaker or stronger to defeat in the battle. So, players need to be witty to merge Illuvials and create a solid squad to win the battle. 

Combat In Illuvium

The battle of Illuvium takes place on auto battler mode, which ensures no real-time hands during the fight. So, this game is about team building and strategy using Illuvials.

However, the players also need to consider these strategies based on the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is more like a card collecting game (CCG).

Your player or leading character needs to be always on the battlefield. Though the players remain passive, their avatars can be active. Besides, players can also bond their characters to Illuvials to receive additional bonuses. 

How to Play Illuvium?

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Illuvium runs on ILV tokens, so you will need ILV if you want to play the game. You can do five things using ILV.

  • Shard Curing: You can use the token to convert mined Shards to Shards capable of seizing Illuvials.
  • Travel: You will also need ILV to move from one place to another via an obelisk.
  • Crafting: ILV can also help you to craft better equipment.
  • Cosmetics: The token allows players to add looks and bling if they own the things.
  • Revival: If you do not want to wait for injured Illuvials, you can heal Illuvials instantly using tokens. 

If you want to begin the game, you need to follow the basic steps below. 

Step Ⅰ: Visit the official Illuvium website and enter REGISTER to create a new account

Step Ⅱ: Enter the required details for your account

Step Ⅲ: Verify your email and confirm registration

Step Ⅳ: Now download and install Illuvium to play the game

How to Earn Crypto on Illuvium?

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Players need to be strategic and skilled to earn in Illuvium. Consider some ways below to earn crypto in the game. 

Method 1:  You can line up your Illuvial team and jump on the battle arena to fight the opposite team. You will earn a reward with ILV tokens if you win the battle.

Method 2: If you are a good predictor in the game, you can place a wager about the match outcome using the token. The right guess can earn you a reward with ILV tokens, while incorrect prediction can let you lose some tokens.

Method 3: You can also sell captured Illuvials in IlluviDEX for ILV tokens. Besides, there are other in-game items to be traded for profit in the marketplace. 

Method 4: You can stake ILV tokens and leverage maximum returns. Investors always try this method to spin money. 


Illuvium is a yet-to-release RPG created on the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers can explore the unknown planet and mine the resources to win over the alien creatures called Illuvials. This play-to-earn Illuvium also allows players to earn nft rewards by playing or without playing. Have you reached out to registered in Illuvium? Let us know in the comment section.

Illuvium FAQs

Is Illuvium free to play?

You can play Illuvium freely without investing at a basic level at a base Tier 0 realm. However, if you want to step up to Tier 1 or above, you need to invest. 

What is Illuvium: Zero?

Illuvium: Zero represents a spin-off or city builder tool, which will be released on mobiles in 2023.

Is Illuvium a scam?

Illuvium is a scam-free project that features advanced blockchain security measures and NFT security protocols. 

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