Earn Money on Coin Pirates: The Best Pirates Blockchain Game

When Middle Age is adapted to the game, there would be nothing better than extracting pirate experience in the open sea. The flagship, pirate crews, war supplies, and buccaneering voyage are too worthy to excite gamers.

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Thanks to a group of developers, including Rostyslav Martynenko, Anastasia Kirakosyan, Stanislav Soima, and WAX, blockchain, Coin Pirates has been on the way to release in the NFT universe.

So, let’s dig out what players can find in this NFT game and how they can play to earn Coin Pirates. 

What is the Coin Pirates?


Coin Pirates is an upcoming play-to-earn NFT game based on WAX blockchain. It is one of the pirate games that include pirate kings, crew members, ships, and canons that provide players with advances and bonuses in the open sea. 

However, Coin Pirates is a decentralized blockchain game that runs on CPR, an in-game currency. The game has various NFT assets ranging from crew members to things essential to voyage.

The Coin Pirates players need to take a voyage and hunt other ships to attack. Then, with available resources, they try to destroy the other pirates’ ships and loot their riches and supplies. 

This pirate voyage can also search for hidden treasure, and players need to struggle. Thus, players need to be equipped with voyage essentials and war supplies to play to earn Coin Pirates.

Players will have a particular map for their voyage and head to hunt for gold and riches. Unfortunately, many pirate ships appear during the voyage, and players need to defend their ship and overcome others.

The officials have a detailed roadmap of Coin Pirates divided into three parts. The first part, the Packs presale, has already been completed. It includes the main game packs, unique Captain Jack pack, and additional assets, including shovels, Cannons, etc.

The second part was to staking under which CPR token was launched. In this part, players can stake assets from other games and earn CPR tokens.

Alpha version of the game was launched in the third part, but the Beta version and mass adoption are yet to be completed in the first and the third quarter of 2022.

How does Coin Pirates work?


Coin Pirates is the first pirate game developed under the blockchain making highly realistic pirate games. The game is about sailing around the map, finding other pirate ships to attack, and earning CPR.

Let’s break down how Coin Pirates works.

NFT Asset Packs

Coin Pirates allows players to buy and sell limited NFT pirate packs on popular markets, and the Captain Jack pack has already been sold in an auction. The players also need crew members, including captains, officers, and soldiers. 

You can begin with a starter pack or soldier pack that includes an individual soldier, a shovel, and a boat. Next, the officer pack contains one officer with a sword, including the starter pack.

The bucky leverage comes with a captain pack that possesses one ship with cannons and the soldier and officer packs. This way, the bulkier pack you purchase, the more safe your pirate voyage will be.

Coin Pirates is one of the play-to-earn NFT games that offer particular assets such as Kraken, Sea serpent, Sirens, Harpoon, and Gunpowder barrels to help players destroy other ships. Besides, there are other assets, Keen eye, Negotiator, Vision, a Smokescreen, that help your ship maintain good health and navigate unexpected forces.

Some technical assets include Spyglass IvI1, Compass IvI1, Pickaxe IvI1, Shovel IvI2, Cannon IvI2, Crowbar, and Rum barrel. These supplies can make your ship more powerful for war, make your voyage safe and help in hunting the treasure.

These assets help players deck out their ships with gears. 

Governance and Guild Token

According to the official website, GCPR will represent the governance token for the CoinPirates world. Therefore, it is an excellent way for a community to participate in the evolution of CoinPirates.

GCPR has several applications to play to earn coin pirates. First, it controls global voting that helps decide which direction the pirate ship will sail. 

This governance token will also help create the guilds by joining or creating an ultimate pirate fleet. This can provide players with special privileges to defend their own ship and destroy others.

Besides, GCPR will also provide players with an opportunity to earn rewards. For example, you can team up to go after other ships and earn NFT.

How to earn money on Coin Pirates?


Coin Pirates features exciting gameplay that offers many ways to play to earn Coin Pirates. Besides playing a game and winning the reward, players can have other ways to earn money. 

Staking GCPR

The game has a staking platform where players can stake their native NFTs to earn CPR and stake other projects. In addition, you can stake such NFT assets to earn CPR before the game goes live.

GCPR also allows you to earn CPR tokens just for holding it, which you can buy supplies to strengthen your ship and voyage. The play-to-earn Coin Pirates possibility depends on the percentage of purchases and upgrades you own on the platform. 

If you have more purchases and upgrades, you can get more rewards from holding GCPR.

Trading the NFT Assets 

You can also earn money by selling the supplies you have crafted or the assets taken from enemies. You can trade these Coin Pirates items decentralized marketplaces and earn CPR. 

The game has AtomicAssets NFT standard support to enhance the experience of trading. You can get real money when you convert your CPR into the available cryptocurrencies.NFT 

How to play Coin Pirates?


Though Coin Pirates is yet to release fully, the official website has disclosed a few rules to play the game

The game is expected to start from a random place in the sea world. If you are to leave the port and sail, you need to pay some CPR.

Players will have a particular ship with a certain radius of visibility that determines their ship potential. The higher level of the ship, the larger radius, the faster players can spot the other ships in the sea. 

As pirates, players can attack and loot other buccaneers during the voyage in the game. They can also explore and hunt the hidden treasures with the map in the seven seas.

If you as a player want to rest for a while, you can dock in a bay and assign someone on the lookout. This way, you can ensure your ship is free from danger.

Besides, you can upgrade your ships by buying guns, enhancing the crew’s skills, improving your sail.

If you die in the game, you will lose the third of the CPR you own. As a result, you need to return to the harbor and start the voyage again.


Coin Pirates is a multiplayer Axie infinity based on WAX blockchain that enables players to trade the in-game resources and earn money. The game has reached its final phase to release, and if you want to play Coin Pirates, you can start collecting in-game items before the game goes live.

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