Play to Earn on Last Expedition: the First FPS on the Blockchain

Since Certain Affinity partnered with Gala Games, the gaming community has been anticipating multiple things about the awaited game, Last Expedition. 

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According to the official website of Certain Affinity, creators revealed the game to people who attended a surprise hands-on gameplay session for the first time at Gala Games’ Galaverse in Las Vegas. 

Several battleground games are already available in the market, supporting mobile and PC devices. So, what is unique in the play-to-earn Last Expedition that has made people excited even before the launch? So, let’s get into this. 

What is the Last Expedition?


Last Expedition is an upcoming battleground game based on blockchain and the NFT universe. Unfortunately, the game has not been launched even in the alpha or beta version—only the trailer of the game is out now.

According to creators, Last Expedition will be the world’s first AAA first-person shooter game where players are exposed to an unknown territory full of threats. The game results from Certain Affinity, a famous development studio guided by veteran Max Hoberman.

Hoberman founded Certain Affinity and is the former multiplayer and online leader for Halo 2 and 3. He believes in pairing the quality of a AAA FPS to reap the benefits of blockchain gaming

Thanks to the partnership between Certain Affinity and Gala Games, Last Expedition has achieved a new level in Survival FPS. 

The creator team claims Last Expedition to be a world-class AAA gaming experience and play-to-earn potential. Besides, the play-to-earn Last Expedition will be a gaming concept in explosive and historical combination. 

The game will drive players to encounter a hostile alien world that tries to kill or annihilate them in every possible way. Thus, players will need deep focus and remarkable skills to overcome hostile territory. 

Without considerable strategy and resources, players cannot survive in a foreign land. So, blockchain ownership provides players with cutting-edge layers of strategy and resourcefulness.

This helps players preserve safety, grow and survive in new ways, and successful FPS survival gaming. Unfortunately, the game is still in pending node vote status, so you need to wait for some time before the Last Expedition goes live.

What to Expect in the Last Expedition?


The official website has only released a trailer, so there are more to come. However, it is evident that players will travel to a new planet or territory where they will need to struggle with foreign or alien creatures. 

These alien creatures will try to kill them, and players can deliver a counter-attack to win over the new land. It is not mentioned, but the solo mode and group mode are expected to have in this battleground game, so players can choose based on their preference.

The alien creatures will be outnumbered, and players’ resources may run out if used continuously. So, they will need to craft weapons and supplies that can provide players with a survival way out and earning potential.

Players need to enhance their FPS skills to preserve resourcefulness in the game. Besides, they will have multiple choices of resources, including characters, strategies, weapons, and other items. They can own these items and trade them in the in-game store or share them with team members.

In the trailer, the alien landscape is exposed where strange surroundings and creatures jump into attacking a group of players. To answer, the players shoot with their guns. As a player, you can hold your target at gunpoint individually and kill them to get points showing in the corner of the screen.

Players will have access to choosing multiple characters, gun supplies, and more resources that can enhance players’ gameplay. Besides, players will be assisted with the warfare machines or robots.

Officials haven’t revealed any news about the launch of the game yet. However, they have stated that the project has already taken a year. According to them, creators struggle to manage time for Last Expedition due to other projects.


Last Expedition is an upcoming Survival FPS game based on blockchain. Claim to be the world’s first AAA first-person shooter game, Last Expedition can offer challenging landscapes and alien creatures to overcome, robust supplies, and exciting characters. There will be more things to come about the play-to-earn Last Expedition in the future. 

Let’s see if patience is worth waiting for Last Expedition. So, you can sign up to the official website to get regular news about the game.  

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