Play to Earn on The Walking Dead: Empires: a New Survival MMORPG

Since The Walking Dead: Empires was announced with the Gala Games entering into the Galaverse, the hype has no end to the game. Thanks to the partnership between  Gala Games and AMC that has brought the game to the blockchain.

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The Walking Dead: Empires is an adaptation of the zombie TV show with the same name. It is the latest installment in the Walking Dead franchise games that have been produced over the years. 

This time, The Walking Dead has received a new shape in gameplay with land ownership, social structure, new in-game currency, play to earn The Walking Dead: Empires opportunities, and many more exciting features.

So, this article will ride you to know about The Walking Dead: Empires and how you can play and earn. 

What is The Walking Dead: Empires?


The Walking Dead: Empires is an upcoming multiplayer survival game based on the popular TV series “The Walking Dead” in the United States.

It is in the development phase under the regulation of Ember Entertainment in the partnership of Gala Games that has announced The Walking Dead: Empires to be a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain survival MMORPG.


The game was announced during the Galaverse event in late 2021, and developers and officials plan to release it throughout 2022. The players in the game will need to survive in the treacherous world of AMC’s The Walking Dead by doing whatever they feel necessary.

Scavenging for supplies, constructing your new home, teaming up with allies, competing against maniacal foes are parts of the game.

In an isometric view, players need to develop and upgrade their own outpost, collect supplies and defend against the threat posed by zombies and humans, all with their ability to collaborate with other players.

The Walking Dead: Empires will also feature various playable characters from the famous original comic series, for instance, Michonne.

The virtual land will be the same as the Walking Dead series, where players’ outposts, characters, and other gaming elements are built.

However, thanks to blockchain and the NFT system, the players will control and take possession of these gaming elements based on their needs or preference. 

What is the gameplay of The Walking Dead: Empires?

play to earn the walking dead empires

NFT and blockchain-based game, The Walking Dead: Empires occupies all significant features that can tie players for a long time.

Battle against dead walkers and strangers, crafting properties and supplies, perfect locations to wander, original characters in 3D, and several ways of earning are the perfect reasons to start playing The Walking Dead: Empires.

Let’s look at some critical components of The Walking Dead Empires survival MMORPG.


The players can buy virtual land ( Dead Claims) in The Walking Dead: Empires and leverage the most incredible play to earn The Walking Dead: Empires possibility. So, the rarer the purchased land plot, the greater the play-to-earn potential for its owner.

The landowners can also own a share of the rewards reaped from activity on their land. As owners, players can manage lands remotely, allowing them to get shelters, watch the disorders, and gather the rewards. 

Despite being inactive in managing the land and protecting the alliance who live on the land you own, you will still be considered an owner of the land and can claim the earnings and rewards. 

Players in the game can own multiple land plots like real-life people possess multiple real estate properties. However, each player in the game can live in one place at a time.

With the multiple lands, players can change their home base locations every day if they want or need. However, to earn the most significant rewards, they need to create the best strategy for their home and manage their other land properties.

You can find the Dead Claims selling out only in the Gala Games store. Each Dead Claim is regarded as a Subplot, but the specific locations of these Subplots are yet to decide.

However, the officials have announced that the specific Subplots have been assigned to those who participated in the Galaverse exclusive early access auction. 

They have also informed us that a TBA land rush will be available for all Dead Claims owners from the first presale. For this, they need to pay attention closely to the emails, AMAs, and announcements from The Walking Dead officials.

The land rush will help you determine your positioning for land ownership in TWDE. 


Disputed lands turn out to be battlegrounds that provide players with opportunities to showcase their war strategies and win rewards. So, the players who lead Alliances and struggle to control them and Empires will place themselves as near as possible to the battlegrounds. 

Taking the risk and winning every time is impossible for everyone, so the game offers other strategies to pursue. For instance, a witty alliance can hold back, calling their forces and reserving supplies. Thus, there are many other ways to earn DeadCoin in TWDE, besides battleground combat.

As the story of AMC’s The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia and expands gradually, the game has opened the Dead Claim Sale for the state of Georgia.  With that, many locations and plots on the map of Georgia will be similar as the show. 

The developers and publishers have focused on making Georgia the best possible experience. However, additional lands or places from surrounding states will be announced later for sale, allowing players to use them for play to earn The Walking Dead: Empires.

As players travel out from the center of the county, they can find the land decreasing in rarity and primary resources. It means that you can find woods outside the county, whereas resources such as electricity, war supplies, or metals will be lying at the center of the county. 

As the game is based in Georgia, you can expect Hershel Greene’s Farm and the infamous Prison.


According to the official website, The Walking Dead: Empires will feature up to 30 original characters appearing from the series. Players can expect the characters like Michonne Hawthorne, Glenn Rhee, Rick Grimes, and more. 

These characters will come up with their signature weapons, for example, Negan’s Lucille (baseball bat), Rick’s Colt Python, Sasha’s sniper rifle, and more.

Players can select their favorite characters and craft the best equipment to fight the dead walkers. They can also upgrade the outfit and war supplies through difficulty to make them more powerful and more robust. 

In-game Currency

Dead Coin acts as a utility token or in-game currency to help players purchase items, land, labor, supplies, and more. For this, you need to load the popular crypto-assets eligible in the game and convert them into Dead Coin.

The play-to-earn The Walking Dead: Empires deals in DeadCoin. Once you win or collect DeadCoin in your account, you can convert it into real money. 

Developers have also promised to allow a free-to-play mode in The Walking Dead: Empires to help players participate free of cost and enjoy the Play-to-Earn mechanics. 

Thus, players will have opportunities to earn DeadCoin by owning land and in-game actions like eating dead or human walkers, managing dungeons, and in-game trading items they have crafted.

The more actions players encounter, the greater they will have more opportunities to earn. Though characters do not get a reward for laying low and hiding, players can have a chance to play to earn The Walking Dead: Empires by participating in the chaotic war for survival.

Of course, there are many other ways to play to earn The Walking Dead: Empires, but players who try to build reserves, strength, and manage Alliances can thrive.

How to play The Walking Dead: Empires?


While playing The Walking Dead: Empires, players will need deep strategies. Below are the three main gameplay or rules to play the game. 

Battle: Players need to craft weapons and fight for their survival and dominance in the game. Crafting is essential for survival, and players can own an NFT Crafting Station to create a specific item in TWDE’s world.

You can place your station on the land you own to craft high-quality items. Besides, you need to defend your alliances or protect your land and supplies from unexpected forces. 

Create: In this strategy, players need to construct a base on their lands and build defenses to keep them safe. In addition, they need to be cautious about the walkers and those who want to loot their lands and properties. 

Collaborate: It is equally helpful to play with alliances. For this, you can invite other players to settle on your land and get the benefits from what you and your team bring and build. You can fight, grow, survive together, helping each other in need.


The Walking Dead: Empires is an upcoming P2E survival MMORPG based on a TV show with the same name. It is an NFT game that will support the PC experience. The features like land ownership, fighting for survival, several ways of earning, and exciting gameplay can make the gamers impatient about the game.

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