How to Earn Crypto from Guild of Guardians?

Since the blockchain games broke out globally, crypto assets have been roaring with value and use in the market. As a result, people have already witnessed the universe of gaming, crypto assets, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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These days, the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry is riding the market. It allows players to take their preferred gaming characters and monetize their gaming experience through rewards and digital assets.

Guild of Guardians is a new name in the P2E gaming industry, yet to release. However, a game with quality gameplay and earning possibility is expected to draw millions of new gamers and set for exponential growth in 2023.  

So, in this article, you will know how to play to earn guild of guardians. 


What is the Guild of Guardians? 

Guild of Guardians is a P2E fantasy, action role-playing mobile game developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable.

It is a multiplayer RPG mobile game where players compete head-to-head or encounter directly for the battle. They counter their opposite forces with their selection of guardians and join guild play to earn guild of guardians. 

The Guild of Guardians gameplay adopts an Immutable X Ethereum layer-2 grid that allows potential players to turn passion gaming into NFTs.

These gameplay mechanics help create an exciting and engaging experience for gamers while providing them with enough challenges. For example, players need to develop strategies to surpass other players and win guild competitions.

As a free-play game, the Guild of Guardians also contains a trading feature where you can mint gaming NFTs. Apart from being a F2P game, the Guild of Guardians is likely to have its game economy supported by tokens and NFTs.

This allows users to earn monetary prizes which they can exchange on the platform’s gas-free store and other marketplaces or exchanges.

How does Guild of Guardians work? 


The Guild of Guardians provides players with an opportunity to build their dream team and play to earn Guild of Guardians. In addition, they can work with their Guild and earn leaderboard-based and seasonal prizes. 

This role-playing game provides players with multiple ways to earn rewards, such as crafting guilds, completing daily quests, merging heroes, and acing the leaderboard. Besides, players can sell the crafted items from guilds in the market. 

Besides, merging heroes also produces profitable opportunities as heroes come with varying rarity. This rarity can create unique characteristics in heroes, consequently converting them into a higher value. 

Options such as Daily quests and other game activities also allow players can generate income. There, players can earn Guild of Guardians (GOG) tokens that are subsequently eligible to translate into cash on exchanges and marketplaces.

How can you earn money in Guild of Guardians? 


The players in the game take their team of heroes through challenging dungeons where they can collect resources and earn experience. They use these resources to craft items and trade their heroes for real money. You can start the game with the following steps.

Step 1: Register on the Official Website

Guild of Guardians has not been released yet, so you need to preregister the game for you on the official website. When you confirm the subscription, you will have access to add your personal data to the projected account. 

Step 2: Connect a Crypto Wallet

The players will need to purchase the playable characters to play to earn the Guild of Guardians. So, you can set the legal crypto wallet to the game website to purchase the gaming essentials.

In addition, you can find the further processes of wallet use and instructions on the site.

While connecting a crypto wallet, first, you need to install the Guild of Guardians browser extension from the official site. Then, enter the website and hit the “Connect Wallet” button to select any crypto wallets offered from the list.

Next, you need to follow the suggestions in the window that pops up to finish connecting the crypto wallet. When the wallet is finished connecting to the official website, you will see its number.

Once you complete the above, you need to connect the preferred crypto wallet to the Immutable X blockchain. For this, you have to go to the “Mint” tab and hit the “LINK A WALLET TO X” button.

However, before you finish connecting the preferred crypto wallet to the Immutable X, you must check if it is linked to the Ethereum Mainnet network.

Minting on Guild of Guardians helps you receive the minted NFT to your wallet when you buy an NFT of your preference. After minting an NFT, you can now trade the stuff on supported marketplaces, including Immutable X’s official marketplace TokenTrove.

How can you play Guild of Guardians?


The main gameplay in Guild of Guardians will contain completing quests, traversing dungeons, and more exciting graphic adventures. Players take risks and head to dungeons to complete challenges. Each dungeon is unique and contains monsters, bosses, and traps that players must overcome. 

The graphics designed in the game is as competitive as any current leader in the genre.

When players complete the challenge, they earn rewards, including resources, currency, and equipment. They can use these rewards to recruit, upgrade heroes, and craft equipment. The upgraded heroes and equipment help complete progressively harder dungeons. 

Now, before you jump to play to earn Guild of Guardians, you need to quickly understand the following game factors.


Guild of Guardians is a yield guild game that consists of multiple heroes with unique attributes that affect their roles. They can be healers, tankers, DPS, and support in their classic RPG roles. 

The game based on Axie Infinity has classes of heroes such as Ranger, Melee, and Mage. Besides, they are categorized as Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 

The players need to choose their heroes and join a guild, an in-game faction including two or more players who can work together to achieve specific goals in the game.

When you enter the game, the players drive their team of heroes into dungeons or challenges loaded with bosses, monsters, and unexpected traps.

As the players compete via circles of creatures, they start earning rewards in cryptocurrencies, resources, and in-game pieces of equipment. These rewards help upgrade their heroes or performance level and create new equipment through crafting.

While playing Guild of Guardians, you need a deep strategy as the performance of heroes in combat depends on their skills, classes,  guilds,  elemental synergies with other heroes, and other aspects.


The gameplay has additional game modes including Guild Raids, Land gameplay, Guild PVP, Global eSports tournaments, User-generated dungeons, and Social hang-out, as well as trading zones.

Guilds, thus, help guild members operate different game modes and provide them with another way to earn money. In addition, they are essential for building NFT in-game items. 

In this condition, each player can contribute from their side in the guild and receive a portion of a reward. When reward items are sold, players automatically receive earnings in their accounts based on their contributions.

In-Game Store

Guild of Guardians owns the in-game marketplace or store that allows participants to buy in-game properties to bolster their heroes and craft their guilds. 

Based on your requirements, you can buy epic, rare, or legendary heroes from the inbuilt store. These heroes also get combined to generate more valuable heroes for the subsequent or demanding challenges. Purchases also provide you to leverage extra in-game benefits.

Besides, you can buy pets and energy boosters that help enhance the ability of your heroes, especially their performance level while fighting in dungeons. For instance, buying pet items helps you upgrade a pet or make it more powerful from common to legendary.


Guild of Guardians is arguably one of the fascinating P2E projects in 2023. It will allow you to play, earn gaming assets or play to earn guild of guardians and convert them into real money. So, the game with thrilling gameplay based on the legendary Diablo and the support of Ubisoft has made game enthusiasts ready to dive. 

Guild of Guardians FAQs

Will Guild of Guardians be free-to-play?

Yes. Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play mobile RPG, so you need not make an upfront investment. 

Does Guild of Guardians represent a pyramid scheme?

The Guild of Guardians is an investment-based project, and its activities seem pretty visible. So Guild of Guardians is not considered a pyramid scheme.

Is there a chance to hack Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is yet to release, so it is hard to conclude whether it contains loopholes for hackers. But Immutable Developed Stepico Games claim that Guild of Guardians will be secured from hackers and rogue players.

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