How to Earn Money on Sorare?

Welcome to my Sorare review. Here, I will give you my complete review of Sorare, how you can earn with Sorare, and all details about this platform.

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What is Sorare?

earn money on sorare

Sorare is the first official game to make use of Sorare-branded blockchain cards. Blockchain technology allows users to verify their digital player cards in the same way we used to collect playing cards in the 1990s—you can buy, sell, and trade cards with other online users.

Sorare moved to Ethereum (eth) in 2019 when their former host, LOOM, transitioned to digital commerce solutions.

The relocation had limited effect on their progress, and Sorare gained the services of essential football clubs like Juventus, West Ham United, and Roma.

They also generated much interest with the player card for Ronaldo and Joao Felix. They’re working hard to get additional teams licensed for the tournament.

The most well-known groups that have lately joined are the France National Squad, the Belgium Red Devils, and the German team. Professional players such as Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele have also been using the app.

How to Play Sorare?

Sorare Guide

Getting started is a straightforward process:

  • Form your first team. When you sign up for Sorare for the first time, you will get ten standard cards right immediately as a reward.
  • Enter your first Rookie League team. This league is for new players, known as Managers.
  • Create your first team. You must choose five unique cards in total.
  • If you participate in up to four leagues or play for four weeks, you will be promoted to New Manager. Congratulations!
  • Make your squad out of player cards you’ve earned or trade for some on the Transfer Market.

One of the super rare pleasing aspects of Sorare SO5 in the early game is the abundance of tools available to help you develop your talents as a Manager.

How to buy players in Sorare?

Buy players on Sorare

The new purchasing area enables you to buy super rare player cards directly from the platform; these cards were coined and then offered now by Sorare. Therefore, they have never been possessed by another user.

These players are auctioned off to the highest bidder, with beginning bids in Ethereum cryptocurrency. The transfer market is a game feature where you may purchase players directly from other players in a secondary market.

You may find fantastic prices with this method of buying, but bear in mind that any purchase from a different market will not count toward the sign-up bonus.

These players are advertised for a preset purchase price. Sorare does not enable you to auction off your playing common cards; instead, you may establish a predetermined fee for an immediate transaction.

The last technique to acquire players in the game is to place direct bids on other players. This can be completed by clicking on a player and then the “Make an offer” button.

When you acquire new players, make sure they have many games to play weekly; some of them may be inexpensive since their leagues are about to conclude.

After purchasing a few rare players, you can begin participating in the significant weekly contests for Ethereum, as well as enticing rewards in the form of a rare collecting card.

How to earn money in Sorare?

Sorare’s user base continues to grow steadily, leading many individuals who are not already on the platform to inquire about playing the fantasy soccer game and earning money from it.

On Sorare, there are two methods to make money:

  • Finish at a particular position in one of Sorare’s bi-weekly tournaments.
  • Sell any cards you’ve purchased or earned.

If you purchase the player, you will have to depend on common cards to complete your squad. It would make competing for the 0.02 ETH and, particularly, the free card much more difficult.

These cards will set you back around 0.432 ETH, or $1,057. Of course, you may bargain with other players and receive a slight discount here and there.

Suppose you can play one game round every week with all of your cards. If these players continue to perform at their current levels, it equals 0.02 ETH every game round. There are, however, always unfortunate weeks. 

So, say, 0.01 ETH every week for 34 football weeks. It would raise the overall revenue for the season to 0.39 ETH or $954. Using the play-to-earn techniques, earning your money back with minimum inputs will take more than a year. 

You may, however, boost your chances by reinvesting your winnings in new player cards. You can compete more effectively as a result of this. Winning only one card will have a significant impact on your earnings.

The great thing about Sorare and other NFT-based play-to-earn games is that you can always sell your assets. There is a market for these cards, and there is much desire for them. Players have worth in the game as long as they have potential and are still engaged in the sport.

How to sell players at peak profit?

If you keep players until they have a high scoring week, you can maximise your earnings on them. Take, for example, Milan van Ewijk.

 He suffered a slight drop in form after a pair of poor performances and was available for 0.110 ETH (£165 at the time).

 He scored a perfect 100 last weekend, and all of its copies priced at 0.145 (£218) and below were quickly picked up.

 He sold for 0.170 ETH (£256) three days later. If you had been keeping him for weeks, you might have made up to 0.060 ETH (£91) simply by waiting for one excellent game.

Similarly, you may watch sports live and attempt to take advantage of this. If a player has a great game and their SO5 score is improving as a consequence, it may be worth examining the current market to see if there are any inexpensive copies available. 

Similarly, you may be the first to notice a significant injury to an important player. In these cases – particularly with a goalie – it may be worth picking up the player you believe will replace them for the following round of games.


Sorare is a game that is difficult to put down. Compared to other football fantasy games, it is based on a different playing experience by rewarding managers with cash or NFT.

If you appreciate the concept of Sorare but can’t pay to play it right now, the most excellent methods to earn free cryptocurrency are listed below. I hope you found this helpful information.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! So I started getting into NFTs last year and play to earn games at the start of this year. I have to say out of the 20 or so games I’ve tried so far including Axie, Gods Unchained, Mobox etc. Sorare is up there with my favourites. Me being a huge football fan probably has something to do with this haha! This last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get some friends into p2e and have been sharing this resource with them : I hope other readers here that are fairly new to P2E find this useful also. Let me know what you’re playing currently 😀


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